The best two-seater floding hanging egg chairs for 2022 currently on sale

The best two-seater floding hanging egg chairs for 2022 currently on sale

A hanging egg chair is a must-have for every home and decorating every garden, our folding two-seater egg hanging chair can transform your outdoor space into a cozy retreat, these egg chairs Comfortable, stylish and can be a great addition to interiors, decks, patios, hallways, lawns, gardens, for photos and Instagram tags, now you can get one for less with the huge discounts in the sale

Double Seat Folding Hanging Egg Swing Chair with Stand And Beige Cushion

What is a two-seater folding hanging egg chair?

A two-seater folding hanging egg chair – also called a garden egg chair, egg chair swing or simply a hanging chair or swing chair – is loved for its gentle sway. The pod-like, egg-shaped or teardrop-shaped seats have a cocooning effect and is typically suspended from, and supported by, an overarching frame which attaches to the seat via a steel chain to gently swing back and forth.


Can I get a two-seater folding egg chair without the swing?
Yes, the other type of garden egg chair is simply a freestanding design with either four legs or a solid base, which does not swing – we've thrown in a few of these in our round-up to give you the best choice. There are even some multi-use hanging egg chairs on the market which enable both features.


Charcoal Wicker Hanging Double Seat Swing Chair with Stand With Dust Blue Cushion

Why are hanging egg chairs so popular?

A typical sight on your Instagram feed, hanging egg chairs have increased in popularity over the years, offering a fancy twist on the standard garden chair. Ideal for those who want to elevate their garden into the chicest spot in town, a two-seater folding egg chair is perfect for outdoor living, along with an inflatable hot Bathtub, garden pod, fire pit, garden bar and pizza oven, of course!

Like everything that's 'trending', egg chairs are most definitely in demand, so we'd advise buying sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. Spacious and inviting with a stylish open weave design, a hanging egg chair is perfect for a spot of relaxing, reading a good book in the shade, or sipping on your favourite drink in the sun. And that's the other thing, these egg chairs usually double up for both indoor and outdoor use too, so you can move it around as you wish to suit your needs.


How much does a two-seater folding hanging egg chair cost?

The good news is that hanging egg chairs are so popular that you can find a good quality one online. Please note, prices do vary. On average you can expect to pay anything from $250 to $550, and this is really dependent on the brand, design, material and additional features. For bigger sizes – specifically double and triple – you can expect to pay up to $1,500. Generally for freestanding egg chairs, you can often expect to pay between $250 and $500.

But ours is a two-seater foldable egg hanging chair, it can be folded up when you don't need it, it doesn't take up a lot of space, and it's easy to change positions; it can be used by your family to sit on it, You can watch the sunrise, you can watch the sunset, you can put it anywhere;

How do I install a two-seater floding hanging egg chair?

Most hanging egg chairs in our round-up come with a stand so you won't need to worry about installation, just the assembly of a few parts, but please double check product descriptions on the retailer's page as some may require you to buy one separately. Additionally, some egg chairs with a rope or steel chain will require you to manually attach the chair to a structure or beam. If this is the case for outdoors, firstly choose an area with plenty of space for the chair to swing and to avoid it knocking into plants or open fires. You will need to hang it from either a strong tree branch or a solid, fixed frame like a pergola. If in doubt, consult a professional tradesperson.


What to look for when buying a two-seater floding hanging egg chair! 

 It goes without saying, your hanging egg chair should be solid and sturdy with a robust powder-coated steel frame. Depending on the design you buy, it should come with deep, soft, weatherproof cushions for ultimate comfort, although you can also buy these separately. Do check the size – a single hanging chair is designed to hold one person, and double egg chairs on the market will fit two people, but please always check the maximum weight and adhere to this for your safety.


What is the double folding egg hanging chair made of?

These garden egg chairs are typically made from resin, textilene or synthetic rattan/wicker. As it'll be outdoors, and will likely remain there, it needs to be weather resistant and UV protected so it will not fade in direct sunlight. Although, do store or cover cushions when not in use to protect them. We'd also recommend investing in a chair cover if one isn't provided to protect from all elements; sun, wind, rain, frost, tree sap, bird droppings, dust, etc.

Brown Wicker Hanging Double Seat Swing Chair with Stand With Beige Cushion

So in LivMoray, buy the best egg chair for your garden.


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