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Welcome to Livmoray, we are a traditional furniture company, we sell bathroom, outdoor furniture, indoor furniture and other products in the United States, we have established a perfect brand matrix covering the entire market, respectively targeting the mid-to-high-end-end market, targeting high Accurate crowd, targeting the mass market, each brand echoes each other, covering all categories, supplemented by private customization and home furnishing product style matching, fully serving online and other omni-channel customers and offline retail, overall installation and engineering.

Low Price Guarantee
We know every penny counts these days, so we're proud to offer our Low Price Guarantee program so you can be confident you'll get the best price on every one of our vanity units. We'd love to save you money on the bathroom cabinet you want.

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Our friendly and professional customer service and sales staff are located in California and we are here to assist with this important purchase.


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